Get exclusive access to my highest teaching tool – a powerful yantra that was revealed to me on my personal journey of awakening and enlightenment.

Yantras are occult phenomena originally received through mystical revelation by someone spiritually advanced enough to access them, which can then be shared with others and used for different purposes, such as manifesting divine energies, protection from negative influences, or the attraction of wealth or success, to give a few examples.

This particular yantra is a direct manifestation of the cosmic light of creation, or what I also refer to as the luminous nirvanic dimension. This is a metaphysical realm of infinite light and intelligence that orders all things in creation their allotted place and design. Using this yantra puts you in touch with this original manifesting light and also the source of it – the nirvanic and formless plenum that we call by name God.

A little-known esoteric mystery is that Jesus used this same numinous form to access his higher self and perform miracles, and in fact, many other avatars, saints and sages have harnessed its power to attract and manifest more of God's amazing grace.

A mystical device like this is usually kept secret by spiritual masters and only given to trusted students. It would never be released to the general public. Or, if it were, the specific formula needed to activate it would be withheld.

I'm openly offering everything you'll need to start experiencing the magnetizing power of this divine gift. This includes a special teaching video that guides you through the visualization process step-by-step. You'll also get a state-of-the-art mantra that was revealed to me.

Mantras are sacred sounds that produce beneficial changes in consciousness. I call this mantra the sonic truth. It's an ascending sound wave that unifies the essence of the primordial seed syllables OM, AH and HU into one potent mantra for awakening.

Many seekers are not aware that mantras go hand in hand with yantras and are required to activate them. Plus, you can add this enlightening tone to any device and use it to connect and communicate with your higher self anywhere, anytime. Listening with headphones works best.

Lastly, I'm including a high-resolution image of the yantra, which you can print on your desktop printer or at your local copy shop. This yantra will lift the vibration of any space and continuously draw in divine energies to bless the souls around it.

This truly sacred and special offering is made available on a sliding scale. If you're interested in discovering its wonderfully liberating effects, please choose the amount you can afford.

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   From Canadian Visionary Artist John N. Inglis:

John Inglis Pic"This Yantra seems to echo the Yantras of yore, with the T-shaped portals centred on the mystic point, the bindu. The diagonals of the X imply four equilateral triangles within the boundaries of the square. These triangles suggest a basis for further elaboration that may evoke a connection with the Sri Yantra. Altogether, this symbol announces to the world, once again, the mystical path beyond the dualities. The points of the diagonals gather the energies from the four corners of the square and focus them on the small, still point in the centre – the power point of the cosmos in which our psyche is embedded and the source wherein The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness may be found. That is to say, the 'nothing' that is 'everything'.

I am inclined to enter here into the implications, as I see them, of this Yantra emerging at this point in the contemporary world of cultural transition, which is in a precarious state of balance going forward. The emergence of a symbol such as this and its implications can only contribute toward a new equilibrium, a new synthesis that is consistent with an influx of renewing energies. There seems to be growing evidence in the world today of these energies of renewal. Your Yantra supports this nascent ascent to higher realizations. I feel encouraged by its appearance.


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