I wrote these books for spiritual seekers and adepts alike. They're full of liberating wisdom and awakening energy. Readers regularly report heightened states of awareness while reading them. They also contain several techniques that can dramatically boost your spiritual growth. Some of these ways have never been revealed before so you won't find them anywhere else.

The Incredible State of Absolute Nothingness

A Personal Account of Spiritual Enlightenment

Part exposé and part how-to manual, this enlightening read takes you into the heart of the universe and sheds light on the metaphysical dimensions of reality and the evolutionary destiny of humanity. Featuring several potent techniques to awaken your true nature and a powerful method to energetically elevate human consciousness. 192 pages

Heaven On Earth

A Guide to Enlightenment & Human Unity

This inspiring guidebook takes you on a sweeping tour of the various paths to enlightenment found in all of the world's major religions and points out how a collective awakening in human consciousness is currently underway. Also written as an instruction manual, this illuminating work shows you how to assist this global shift by reconnecting with the unifying ground of your own being. 112 pages