Enlightened Guidance via Skype

When you become enlightened, your sense of self and your understanding of the meaning and purpose of life change in some of the most profound and liberating ways. Reaching this level of spiritual awakening and learning to live from it is what I help people do. This includes people who have already undergone an awakening and need help with the integration part.

During our session, we'll explore any spiritual experiences, questions or concerns you have from your journey. This can be something you bring up or whatever arises naturally from our interaction. The insight and advice I provide is precise and useful, always. The energy and exchange equally enlightening.

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Important Details

Preparing for a Session
All you have to do is relax and be yourself. All kinds of spiritual realizations, healing moments and shifts can happen during a session with me (see testimonials below). If you've never used Skype before or it's been a while, I strongly advise downloading the latest version and spending some time getting familiar with it beforehand to avoid delays at the start of your session and/or technical difficulties during the call.

Cancellation Policy
You can always reschedule your appointment time, if necessary. If you decide to cancel your session, a refund will only be issued if you do so at least 2 days prior to your appointment. Just use the Change/Cancel link in the confirmation email, which is sent to you after booking a session. If you miss your appointment for any reason, a refund will not be issued. The only exceptions are a medical emergency, a death in the family, or a natural disaster.


I've been successfully assisting seekers and finders from all walks of life for nearly two decades now. Below are some of the many testimonials I've received over the years.

"Stephen has been an amazingly powerful teacher for me for years now. Through his guidance, I have experienced deep personal transformation and the pure light of meditation. I am so grateful for his commitment to the teachings."
-Amy Taylor

"Stephen is the real deal and much more. His guidance has helped facilitate my personal evolution beyond measure, from resolving karma and emotional blocks, to experiencing true nature, and ultimately to being a more self-realized person in the world. His energy transmission work is real and the boost I get often lasts for days."
-Aaron Nussbaum, Songwriter

"Stephen's presence alone was enough to trigger my own discovery of True Nature, and I would recommend his acquaintance to anyone serious about self-realization and its human actualization."
-Neil Jalaldeen, Guide at Liberation Unleashed

"Stephen is a man who has done an incredible amount of personal and spiritual work. Because of this, he operates at a very high level of vibration. Things often become clearer just by being in his presence."
-Bonnie Pedota, Author & Spiritual Psychotherapist

"Meeting Stephen was like uniting with a family member. His grounded, yet unassuming way of being provided a subtle gravity to our one on one meeting. In the days and weeks that followed our session there was an indescribable sense of resolve."
-Peter Byberg, Intuitive Sonic Healer

"It's been about a week or so since my session and I wanted to follow-up with a thank you! After our session and for several days afterwards, I felt a great lifting in my mood. The heaviness that was pressing down prior to our meeting was gone. I owe that to your Presence and to the fact that you allowed me to express myself so freely. You brilliantly held a safe space for me by graciously allowing me to share my experiences and feelings. But the most important part was that you treated me as if I had the TRUTH already within me, even if I may have missed the mark on some things. This is in stark contrast to the stinging, nihilistic nondual whipping that I have encountered in the past. The type of compassionate listening-teaching is really what our community could use more of. Thank you again!"
-Kat Benson, Facilitator at Spiritual Seekers

"Stephen, in my personal journey to getting to know myself, you are that person who has led me to the door behind which I am complete and eternally joyful. You have made me open that door a little at a time and been there as a watchful guide, prodding me along the way, sometimes gently, sometimes not-so-gently, but always lovingly and knowingly. Your belief that I can do it has led to my belief that I can do it. Every day there's something new to discover. And if some days there's no discovery, there's a serene joy, of finding me, beneath all the physical, mental and emotional layers. Thank you eternally."
-Gita Ramchandani

"Having Stephen's support in my process of spiritual evolution has been invaluable. He is like a mirror and also a doorway; compassionately revealing layers of myself and opening up my innate capacity to discover the true insights of my higher self. Stephen is one of the most delightful, grounded, caring and encouraging human beings whom I am grateful to be able to share with on my path."
-Jess Layton

"Stephen, it is a pleasure to walk the path with you. You are truly an inspiration. I feel a sense of peace whenever I'm around you. You have helped me grow in presence. All I can say is Thank You!"
-Sharon Cook

"You are very easy to talk to, down-to-earth, and you inspired hope and gave me a lot of reassurance when I needed it. You helped me calm down some of the fears I had by teaching me a method that made me notice my irrational thinking patterns, which I used and eventually my fears subsided. Thanks for all your help."
-Rada Flekkel, University student